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Case Studies

Home Depot Test

Home Depot ran extensive tests incorporating our Corrizon (a.k.a Corrosion Cure (CC)) Black Dip product on screws for 3500 hours in a salt chamber. This testing ran simultaneously with other screws and nails dipped in a variety of 5 different coatings including ceramic, galvanized, combinations of both ceramic and galvanized, as well as two sets of stainless steel screws. One of the stainless steel screws was not treated and the other was dipped in an unknown anti -rust product.

After 3 weeks all the various screws were sent to the salt chamber. There were two sets of screws treated with our CC dip; the first set of screws were regular metal screws treated with CC dip alone and the other set of screws were first galvanized and then dipped in our CC product.

Home Depot indicated that it was important to achieve a good appearance even after such extensive salt chamber tests which is an unrealistic expectation under such stringent conditions.

Every few hours Home Depot observed the screws and graded them on appearance on a scale of 0-5, with 5 being the best appearance.

All sets of screws were weighed after 200 hours. The purpose of the tests were to show appearance after such exposure but what actually occurred was that after 700 hours

all the screws that were either galvanized or covered with ceramic decomposed and basically turned to dust and the stainless steel screws lasted longer until 2000 hours and ultimately fell apart at that time.

When we say decomposed we mean the loss of mass was to a level where the screws were unusable.

Home Depot continued the testing with the two sets of screws treated with our CC product and ultimately stopped the salt test after 3500 hours and at that point checked the appearance and weights.

The screws maintained their integrity in appearance but showed a variety of colored spots. What Home Depot did not realize is that the salt used in the chamber (NaCl) was not pure and contained impurities of other metals which caused such discolorations.

Most importantly with regard to the weight of the screws, Home Depot discovered and confirmed that after 3500 hours in a salt chamber which is equal to 25-30 years in regular atmospheric conditions, our screws lost very little weight just 1-3 grams which is equivalent to a loss of only 2% of the total weight.

This is a clear confirmation that Corrizon fully protects the metal and at least for several decades.

Mekerot Plant.png

Seawater Desalination Plant

Mekorot has tested our Corrizon Product on high pressure pumps, pipes as well as the infrastructure of their plant which sits by the Mediterranean Sea. Due to the success of Corrizon to prevent rust under these demanding conditions, Mekorot has decided to implement Corrizon throughout their plant on regular basis.


A steel warehouse construction which had not been treated for many years. The top layer only in reachable areas was updated in recent years. In November 2016, treatment of the shed began and included a preparation with high pressure water jetting to remove loose rust and old paint.

Oil Tanker.png

Oil Tanker

This Client is an energy infrastructure company. They provide storage and transport services. Further they also offer port services for energy products for both domestic and foreign customers. The company was established in 1968 and has dozens of large volume steel tanks. Due to the proximity to the sea as well as to a coal based electricity facility, the rusting process here is accelerated. As a result of the use of Corrizon, the maintenance requirements are now minimized.

Goliath Leader

The GOLIATH LEADER (IMO: 9357315) is a Vehicle Carrier which was built in 2008. GOLIATH LEADER’s overall length is two hundred meters, with a beam of thirty meters and gross tonnage of 57,692. This vessel was inspected as part of ongoing maintenance in order to monitor the corrosion protection of the specified coating system.

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