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Corrizon (also known as Corrosion Cure™) is the ultimate solution for any corroded surface. Inspired by observing the human body, decades of research were focused on creating a material that acts like the immune system – creating an active surrounding, that integrates the threats with the shield itself. Corrizon is an organic compound that presents a simple, eco-friendly and highly effective solution to corrosion.

The only fully Eco-Friendly material allowing safe use everywhere, with hardly any protective gear – No chemical toxicity, flash-point risk or explosion potential. This opens new opportunities and methods of treating large scale infrastructure, reducing application costs, and above all preventing harm to the people and to the environment.

Integration with existing corrosion means Corrizon works immediately without the need for prior cleaning or preparation.

Integration through and with any material, allowing use before or after painting, use through concrete to reach hidden reinforcement bars, and even through barnacles in maritime applications.

The thinnest application layer required, as low as 30 microns, effectively reducing the total price, and lifting many constraints other materials put, due to the lower total weight added and the ability to introduce multiple protective layers, thus reducing the need of life-cycle maintenance.

Easy application by any means, including by spray-guns, paint rollers, air-sprays, and brushes. Meaning full freedom and an effective cost reduction in any application scenario!

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