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The Corrizon product advantages:  easy application, environmentally safe,  corrosion resistant and cost effective price.

In order to test both effectiveness and the application procedure, an experiment was scheduled with the Corrizon company.

First test results in the field and after full dryness are documented in this report.

Test results at the field:

The product was applied at the warehouse (Facility 136) - simultaneously on container F-405, tower E-631 and chimney.

In addition, the product was applied also on a dome- 305-c-125.

At the warehouse – the product was easy to work with and produced a solid thin layer on objects including pipes, plates and arches.

All the objects had rust in depth of 0.05-0.1 millimeters – Objects were power washed before the application procedure.

The experiment is documented in pictures 1,2,3,4 on date 10/21/2020.

Good results on facility 136, except a single pipe on tower E-631 – the depth of the rust prevented a proper application.


Refinery Factory 1.png
Refinery Factory 2.png
Refiner Factory 3.png
Sulfuric Acid.png


SGS Australia ran untreated metal vs metal treated with Corrizon in a solution of 33% sulfuric acid.

This test is relevant for both the mining and waste treatment industries which use sulfuric acid or alike. It is relevant to mention that these industries use a more diluted sulfuric acid - more like 5-10% solution.

Tests were run on 3 untreated samples and 3 treated samples:
The first samples of each (S1 and T1) were held above the solution itself and nothing happened to the metals.

They took the second samples (S2 and T2) and submerged them each halfway into the solution.  The portion of the S2 metal that was submerged had fully disappeared by the effect of the acid.

Finally they took the third samples (S3 and T3) and fully submerged each into the solution for 7 days.

The S3 metal completely disappeared by the effect of the acid and the T3 metal lost more than half its mass.

When another test was run on a fully submerged metal (another S3)  into the solution,  it was determined that the metal disappeared within an 18 hour period.

It is hard to determine how we can estimate the resistance of metals incorporating Corrizon using different acids.

We can however confirm that these results clearly show that a metal treated with Corrizn has a much better result then one that is untreated.


Evaluation of Corrizon usage on steel prior to painting.

When applied to steel, appears as a milky emulsion that then cures to a waxy solid overnight.

The following photographs show panels that have been powder coated after Corrizon.  The first set of photographs shows panels that have not been rinsed; these panels have severe blistering.  When a hose with a regular nozzle is used to rinse the panels, most of the waxy coating is removed.  Where the material was removed, paint was applied and appears as usual, however wherever Corrizon remained, the paint appeared to blister after curing.

The PDS for Corrizon recommends that the material is removed using a pressure washer after cure.  In order to achieve complete removal of the coating, a high pressure nozzle was fitted to the hose. Higher pressure rinsing allowed the coating to be removed.  The steel surface revealed had a slightly matte/different color compared to uncoated steel.

Surface Finishing 1.png

Powder coat over Corrizon with no rinse

Surface Finishing 2.png

Powder coat over Corrizon with mild rinse

Surface Finishing 3.png

Powder coat over Corrizon with rinse

Boat Lift 4.jpg

Black Color Metal - Full Rust

Brownish Color Metal - Treated by Corrizon

BOAT LIFT - 24.8.2020

We have installed a new pole from brand new metal at our dock sitting directly on the ocean. The whole structure was treated with Corrizon except for the pipes that hold the plastic poles.

We have left it for a few months exposed to extreme weather including a hurricane. The area that was not treated was fully covered with a PVC pipe with a cap on top so rain water could not penetrate. After a few months we took off the PVC pipe and as you can see the area under is heavily rusted. The other area that was treated by Corrizon is fully protected and rust free.

The whole area that was covered by the plastic poles is left with some particles of rust ready to fall off the metal itself. The brown color is like corten/weathering steel and it is Fe3o4 which is a protective layer of the metal.


This is the result of treatment by the Corrizon.

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