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Incorporating GRIME GETTER™ as your Go-To GREEN cleaner and degreaser will allow you to eliminate all toxic, poisonous and deadly chemical-based cleaning products from your environment, associates and storage areas. Powered by EnviroXstream, a Certified California South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) Clean Air Solvent.


GRIME GETTER is a daily-use, environmentally friendly general purpose cleaner and degreaser.


GRIME GETTER is a Chemical-Free, 100% Plant-Based, Non-Toxic Biodegradable product that safely
cleans “all surfaces” by “Harnessing the Power of Water.”  


GRIME GETTER is non-toxic to humans or pets! The ingredients are known to possess anti-microbial properties.


GRIME GETTER is enzyme-free, non-caustic, non-hazardous, non-flammable and contains NO Volatile Organic Compounds, (VOC’s) which, when present, can be released into indoor air while cleaning. 


GRIME GETTER can be used safely for “all surfaces” in every industry, home and office without any
surface damage. Eliminates the use of toxic chemicals that contaminate the environment. 


GRIME GETTER removes grime, grease and oil with no residue left behind as compared to other cleaners 'green' and 'non-green'. Residue from cleaning with GRIME GETTER is rendered safe.


GRIME GETTER cleans by breaking down the molecular structure of oils and dissolves the separated molecules through a process called Hyper – Biodegradation.


GRIME GETTER has been safely and effectively applied directly in ocean water for oil spills and the
removal of oil from birds and other wild life.

Grime Getter

  • Surfaces: 

    Metal • Stone • Glass • Tile • Plastic • Powder Coat • Paint • Gelcoat • Wood • Concrete • Fabric


    Ideal For: 

    Oil Stains • Grease • BBQ Interiors & Exteriors • Grills & Fireplace • Soot • Carpet Stains Kitchen Counters • Cook Tops • Exhaust Hoods • Appliances • Ovens • Wood Cabinets Walls • Paneling Tile • Grout • Showers • Soap Scum • Linoleum Floor • Swing Sets Slides • Vinyl Siding • Leather • Fiberglass • Cars • Motorcycles • Boats • RV’s • Farm Equipment • House & Patio Furniture • Sidewalks • Brick • Cinder Block • Driveways • Parking Lots • Gym Equipment • Elevators • Escalators • Handrails • Graffiti • Aquatic Environments • Fish Tanks • A/C Coils • Blood Residue • Skin • and MUCH MORE!

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