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Molecular bonding renewable surface treatment that shields against adhesion, corrosion, stains and rust on tile, plastic, metal, glass and other fine non po- rous surfaces while restoring and enhancing surface beauty and clarity to stone, glass, metal and tile.

EZ Shield - 8oz.


    • Heat resistant to 2400 degrees
    • Safe to apply
    • Easy to apply
    • No layering
    • Long lasting

    USE ON:

    • All stainless fixtures and dispensers
    • Powder coated signs and metal mullions
    • Glass surfaces to repel water
    • Cleans and protects


    • Restore surface to desired level
    • Wipe clean
    • Pour EZ Shield on a soft micro fiber towel
    • Apply to the surface in a circular motion
    • Let stand for a few minutes then wipe clean
    • Buff to a shine with a clean micro fiber towel
    • Maintain with EZ Bright
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