For Over 20 Years, Our Stainless Steel Scratch Removal Process is STILL the ONLY Recognized Industry Solution for Stainless Steel Restoration & Maintenance!


Commercial & Residential

Restoration ArTechs is at the center of the thriving residential and commercial hub in “America’s Finest City” and for the last 20 + years we have been committed to responsible solutions for the restoration and preservation of the natural beauty inherent in nearly all surfaces found in historical, municipal,  & commercial areas.  We invented the only Stainless Steel Scratch Removal and metal refinishing process that has been accepted by all major manufacturers.


 Our hugely talented team has brought innovative and inspiring surface restoration solutions that had previously seemed impossible!   At its heart, great work is delivered by great people. Our core belief is that people thrive when they’re empowered to fulfill their potential. By fostering creative development across the whole of our business, we have built a team of highly talented individuals, driven by passion and a desire to build industry-leading solutions for our clients.